Camp Gan Izzy 

Where the kids get to choose...

What Are Electives?  

Electives mean that your child chooses (elects) the activities of his/her choice.

We recognize that, in today’s society, children face a wide range of value systems and social pressure, making it difficult for them to develop there own character and celebrate what makes them unique.

A CGI we advocate and celebrate children discovering and expressing their true Jewish selves by creating a liberating environment of love, fun and inclusion.


What Does That Look Like For Our Kids?

Children are welcomed into a world of talent and fun activity; a world of learning and innovation.

We facilitate for the kids to be themselves and express their character freely, while our staff cheer them on.
The children have multiple activity options, with the freedom to choose between them and play as they wish. This enables them to explore while feeling included and safe.

We invest in kids’ boundless capability and goodness.


The following is a list of sample electives:

Board games
Friendship bracelets
Reading corner
Hand ball
Pickle ball
Paper Creations
3D Structures
Duct Tape
Melting Beads