Parent Testimonials


Our children Avi, Emmy and Isabelle love Camp Gan Izzy.  In fact, it is their favorite camp and they have been to many.  They love the counselors, activities and warmth of Chabad.  The camp is well run and the activities are varied, from day trips to swimming to overnight camping trips. The counselors are amazing — they get to know each of the children and personalize their camp experience.  I would recommend this camp to any Jewish family.
                 n       Brian & Jill Friedman

“The activities, the energetic staff and a prevailing sense of community and belonging helped instill in my children a comfort level, a sense of security and self-esteem that I could never have imagined.”                
      n       Idit Ben-Simon

“It was the perfect combination of recreation and religion, fostering physical and spiritual growth that suited our children so well. They had so much fun in fact, that they didn’t realize how much they were actually learning.”
                  n        Dr. Carolyn Fish

“Kids love to play and, like any other camp, Gan Izzy provides swimming, athletics and great activities.
But what sets it apart is the spirit of Judaism that permeates the camp.  It makes the children so receptive to learning.  It really is a special environment.”
                  n       Karen Greenfield