Kiddie Camp

Our 3's and 4's will enjoy a fun and engaging, preschool summer program.

Their program will take place primarily in their classroom. They will enjoy circle time, music, story time, art, mad science and more, with their teacher Morah Mushky.

They will also spend time outdoors to do water play and other activities. 

The classroom and their bathrooms will be sanitized multiple times throughout the day.

As per the CDC guidelines, we will not allow any outside visitors to come into the classroom at any time. 

We are confident that these campers will enjoy spending time with friends, and teachers in a warm and happy environment!


Main Camp 

Our main campers will spend much of their day outdoors. Our camp site has many outdoor activities for the children to do.  These include, swimming in a large pool, boating, fishing, using remote control boats on our lake, hiking our nature trail and more.

For their comfort we will have shaded tents with fans, ice water, tables and chairs, for art and other table activities. 

Each cohort (group of campers and their counselors) will only do activities with their own group. All equipment will be fully sanitized after use by one cohort and before use by the next.

We will have indoor space for campers to cool down. Each cohort will remain in their own area, which will be at least 7-9 feet away from other cohorts. 

We are excited to be able to offer such a variety of activiities for our campers and we are confident they will enjoy some much needed social time, with friends. 


CIT-Rising 7th and 8th girls

 We are thrilled to offer a unique program for our CIT's, to be able to socialize and learn new skills in a positive environment with excellent role models.

Our CIT's will enjoy, boating, swimming, cooking, baking, pottery, canvas art and more!

This program is by acceptance only. Please email [email protected] to find out how to apply.