If your child attended camp last year (2017) and is returning to camp this summer (2018)
please click here to fill out our abbreviated Returning Camper Registration Form

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Please select the dates your child will be attending camp, or simply select the total amount of weeks you are registering your child if you don't wish to specify which weeks at this time.

Session Attending Pre-Care After Care
1. June 25 - June 29
2. July 2 - July 6
3. July 9 - July 13
4. July 16 -  July 20

Total Amount of Weeks Attending (1, 2, 3, or 4):

Medical Consent

Dear Parent/Guardian,

Your son/daughter is below legal age of consent. The law requires that we have your permission if medical service should be needed. Your completion of this consent form will authorize us to proceed with the care of lesser types of medical problems which may occur. In the event of any major health problems, we will notify you as promptly as possible and follow your instructions. If we are unable to contact you or your alternative contacts listed below, your child will be taken to the nearest Emergency Room Facility and will be treated there.


In the event of an emergency when a parent/guardian is unavailable, I hereby authorize a representative of Camp Gan Israel to make such arrangements as considered necessary for my child to receive medical or hospital care, including transportation. Under such circumstances, I further authorize the physician named below to undertake such care and treatment as considered necessary. In the event such physician is not available, I authorize such care and treatment to be performed by any licensed physician or surgeon.


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Please provide any allergy or other medical information we should know.



I agree (name) to allow my child to participate in all off-campus activities, trips and activities (where applicable).


CGI Cobb and Chabad of Cobb are hereby granted permission to use any individual or group camp photos and or videos showing our children involved in camp activities.

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